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STAYS 15-21 DAYS 10% OFF

STAYS 22+30 DAYS 15% OFF

AND 31+ DAYS 20% OFF

Boarding Rates.......

Singe dog ---------------------------------------------------------------$20 per day

2 dogs sharing regular kennel ----------------------------------------- $32 per day

Extra dog in any kennel ------------------------------------------------ $10 per day

WE NOW OFFER DAYCARE! ----------------------------------------------$15 per Day

WE NOW OFFER DOG BATHS --------------------------------------------$10 Per Bath

Our rates include all exercise, medicine administration, free forrest walks, simple brush outs, treats
(if ok with owner) and tax

We can be available for pickup/drop off between 8:30am - 8:30pm DAILY

Please call and arrange a pickup or drop off APPOINTMENT in advance, we run strictly on an appointment basis and will need to know exact drop off times! Pickups can be a little more flexible because we understand sometimes travel doesn't always go as planned.

Dogs arriving before 2pm are charged a full day

Dogs arriving after 2pm are charged a half day

Dogs leaving before 2pm are charged a half day

Dogs leaving after 2pm are charged a full day

All dogs must have paperwork for up to date vaccinations including bordatella.